Nutrition Content/Value

The edible part is in fact the stem of Dragon-lili. 

*17 calories/100g -

68% of the average calories contain in other common vegetables. 

*Dietary fiber content: 1.87g/100g - 

higher than apples, which contains only 1.5g. 

*Calcium content: 25.6mg/100g

  Magnesium content: 10.37mg/100g -

the ratio between Calcium and Magnesium is approximately between 2 and 2.5 to 1, which helps fighting insomnia and anxiety.

*Iron content: 3.72mg/100g - 

about 1/3 of recommended daily intake volume for male adults; 1/5 for female adults.

*Potassium ion content: 228.67mg/100g

*Zinc content: 0.6mg/100g