The Farmer

Born 1992 in Qishan, raised in Tainan. How did an engineer by training return to his homeland, and become a farmer in a place that was so unfamiliar and disconnected to him? My name is Chi-Chuan Huang, and this is my story.

Being raised in Tainan, I had the chance to move back to Kaohsiung during my college years, and lived for 3 years in Qishan, Kaohsiung City. At first, all the conveniences in this small, mountain-side town bothers me. However, as time goes by, I start to realize that how rare and precious it is to live a lifestyle that is so pure and simple. Little by little, I was drawn to this place I now call home.

After I graduated from college and finished my Military duty, I decided to stay. I wish to transform my love for this land into something solid, so I can show the world how a great place this is.

So I started my own farm. Dragon Farm. A place that cultivates, celebrates its traditional produce and way of living,  and our gateway to the world. 



The Farm - Dragon Farm


Farm size

  • Total area:8.5508 ha
  • Plantation area:8.2506 ha


Dragon-lili grows all year. It takes roughly 2.5-3.5 months per harvest. The smallest plantation area is about 0.26 ha. Dragon Farm is now capable of harvesting 365 days a year with stable output.


  • Selection water tank
  • Packing area
  • Large volume refrigeration equipment